General Rules

1. In the self-finance (DE) sections the medium of instruction is English. Therefore, the students will have to speak in English during the school hours.

2. The discipline and self progress of the student is closely monitored by the Principal in person.

3. Your ward’s name may be struck off from the roll due to irregular attendance, continued absence (without prior permission from the Principal), lethargy, and lack of care, noncompliance and anti social behaviour. The student will be held responsible for his conduct towards the school authorities, both inside and outside the school premises. Therefore, he will be accountable for his misconduct and insubordination at public places and may be punished for the same.

4. The students are expected to come to school well in time. They will not be allowed to enter the school premises after the stipulated time and will be sent back home. The parents will be held responsible for this.

5. The parents will be entirely responsible for the safety and well being of their children before and after the school timings.

6. It is the parent’s duty to drop and receive their children. The school does not provide any conveyance facilities (bus or rickshaw) to your ward.

7. The Parents will have to give prior information about the health and medical anomalies of their children at the time of registration. The school will not be responsible if any medical facts are hidden by the parents. Only physically fit and mentally sound students will be given admission in the school.

8. The students should enhance the prestige of the school by their actions and conduct. They should be polite and submissive in their deeds. They should take special care of their health, hygiene and cleanliness of their uniform.

9. Running, playing and making chaos inside the school premises is strictly forbidden. Complete silence will be observed during walking in the verandahs, changing classes, etc. Walking in gangs, riding bicycle in the school grounds or hurting other students is prohibited.

10. The students are required to bring their own water bottles (minimum 1 Litre capacity) to the school, so that the classes are not disturbed in between.

11. The monitor is responsible to keep the class in order in the absence of the teacher.

12. The students should not spread litter or dirt in the school premises; the dustbins placed in every class should be used for this purpose.

13. The students who damage the school property will have to compensate for the loss. The amount of fine will be decided by the Principal himself, and shall be considered final and undisputed.

14. Collecting funds, organizing meetings or picnics, without the prior permission of the Principal is strictly prohibited.

15. Any other books, except the text books and library books should not be brought inside the school.

16. The school will not provide any medical facility to any student, except giving first aid. Although, the parents will be informed earliest possible. Kindly, mention the name and contact number of your family physician in the school calendar. Nowadays, the children often complain of pain in the chest due to cardiac ailments, in such cases, it is the duty of the parents to give the information of the same, every year and confer your contact number to the respective class teacher to be used during emergency.

17. The school will not be accountable for the loss of books, clothes or money of the students. The students should not bring expensive articles or money in the school.

18. The parents are advised to send full meals for lunch break and discard snacks or fast food.

Leave Rules

1. Leave application is duly signed by the parents, will be considered for granting the leave, without which, the student will not be allowed to go home under any circumstances.

2. Please mention the student’s name, class and section clearly. The leave note must bear the signature of the guardian or parents only

3. Incase the student is unable to get prior permission for leave, he should bring a leave note along with him for the purpose of granting leave

4. The students suffering from infectious or contagious diseases will be allowed to attend the classes only when he submits a fitness certificate from his physician. The school will not be responsible for the loss of schoolwork in such cases.

5. The student, having attendance less than 75 percent, will not be allowed to sit in the board examination of High school and Intermediate.

6. The student, who does not attend the school on the first three days of the commencement of the session, will have to seek readmission after taking the permission of the Principal.

7. The name of the student will also be struck off from the attendance register if he remains absent, continually for ten days, without permission or does not pay his dues within the stipulated time. The right of re-admission is reserved with the Principal.

8. 75 percent attendance is mandatory in classes 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th standard. Failing to attain so, the student will not be promoted to the next class. The student will be rewarded zero marks if he is found to use unfair means during the home examination. After which he will have to seek the permission from the Principal to be allowed to attempt the forthcoming exams of that session.